White Roses charity single available January 2nd

As you might know, my great and wonderful Mother passed away during the summer, so as you can imagine things are just not as they used to be. Having said that, Mam would prefer the family to keep the spirit up and the chest out and just to sing her a wee song.

White Roses was Mam’s favourite song of mine, and this version with some friends of mine is my Christmas present to Mam! Buy it now on iTunes or Amazon

  Vocals: Cathy Davey
  Electric Guitar/Vocals: Mundy
  Piano/Voice: Julie Feeney
  Cello: Vyvienne Long
  Strings: Colm Mac Con Iomaire
  Harp: Una Monaghan
  Drums: Mick Cronin
  Bass: Duncan Patterson
  Voice: Johnny Cronin
  Acoustic Guitars/Vocals: Pete Courtney

I would also like to thank my friends above and a few people who volunteered their time and professional services and helped make this happen, in no particular order Eddie Reynolds, Greg Clooney, Naomi Moore, Steve Shannon, Tony Fitzpatrick, Richard Dowling, Eli Kelly, Liam O’Maonlai.

White Roses shall be available to media form the 10th of December and shall be released and ready to download from January 12th 2012. All proceeds from the single shall go to The Irish Hospice Foundation and also the Regional Hospices nationwide.

White roses was recorded by Mick Cronin in The Barn in Drumlish Co. Longford.
Remote recordings of Vyvienne Long and Julie Feeney by Tony Fitzpatrick. Remote recordings of Colm, Cathy, Una, Duncan and Mundy were done by themselves.
Editing and Mixing by Greg Clooney in Windmill Lane/Pulse Studios.
Mastered by Richard Dowling in Wavmastering Limerick
Artwork by John Daly.

Thinking outside of the music box

Although Pete has been a constant on both the domestic and international music circuit, what he brings to the table is in equal parts Neo folk/ Art-On-Stage/ Modern Vaudeville, thus his performances incorporate the standard songs and stories, while the presentation has more of an organic theatrical atmosphere where the audience is as much a part of the show as he is himself.

Not too often does an audience see a Solo Performer utilise Kids Toys, Music Boxes, Radios, Dictaphones, Megaphones, Clothes Brushes while sending the balanced textures of each through a plethora of Pedals, a Loop Station and Twin Valve Amps where the sonic application enhances each and every song song.

Pete’s emphasis within music has always been to create and perform honestly and naturally. One can expect some self-effacing stories as well as mentioned above, many tricks and sonic gadgets that other folk would not consider employing into music. Thus it is understood that the audience shall be moved emotionally, by laughter and sentiment, by encouraged vocal participation, and by groove.

New CD now available to buy

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